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Put a few women together, open a bottle of wine, and you get the most amazing ideas! One of those ideas is the Celebrator. “What if you could turn your electric toothbrush into a vibrator”?

We had no idea where to start, so we started looking for a product developer who díd know how this works. A concept version of the Celebrator was created. The Celebrator has been extensively tested and developed, until the product became what it is today: the ultimate make-over for your electric toothbrush. And with success: the piece is endorsed by a lot of doctors, sexologists but especially by enthusiastic women who can’t get enough. The dream came true.

With the Celebrator, we managed to create a discreet, unique and affordable sex toy that makes women have orgasms like never before. We love it, do you?

Motor Driver - Maximaal genot!
Motor Driver - Maximaal genot!
Celebrator - The Original!

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