A gynecologist speaking

The fact that you can use your electric toothbrush for more things than just brushing your teeth has already dawned on the ladies in my hometown. Miss Communication (Dutch) wrote about this before. She had picked it up from the Dutch magazine ‘YES’. Most ‘Miss Communication’ women and my generation don’t know anything yet. Apparently this was not yet known in the midwife world. When a sexologist proposed to facilitate labor by stimulating the clitoris with an electric toothbrush, the comments of the profession were not insignificant. I’ve never seen midwives, who you think are used to sexuality, giggle like that. Actually a very logical thought, because the stimulation of the clitoris generally gives a lot of relaxation.

The ‘satisfying’ use of the electric toothbrush is widely known among teenagers. After all, some girl magazine already had a free “Celebrator” a year ago.

“Pimp your toothbrush” is the slogan of the producer.

To make up for the – somewhat older sexuality’s – backlog, I propose that Margriet, Libelle and Vriendin (Dutch magazines with an ‘older’ audience) also provide a free Celebrator to their readers. The Celebrator is for sale for a few euros at the ETOS (local Dutch store). I am a bit concerned about the reaction of these ladies’ husbands when they do a toothbrush makeover. A little electric toothbrush does about 7600 revolutions per minute. That may be somewhat difficult to match for men of this age.

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