Why the Celebrator?

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For the best experience with the Celebrator, these things are important…

Relax, enjoy and take your time: it’s you-time! Feel comfortable with the vibrations and stimulations and warm up slowly.

Because of the shape of the Celebrator, each side has a different effect. If you prefer it, you can also use the Celebrator when wearing your briefs; you will feel the vibrations less intensely. So listen carefully to your body and find out how the Celebrator works best for you.

  • The Celebrator tip can be used multiple times.

    Wash the attachment with water and an antibacterial soap, followed by an alcohol-based hand cleanser dip. When you use the Celebrator with a partner, you should be aware that safe-sex practices are still applicable.

  • Safety and hygiene

    The Celebrator is safe if you follow the rules of use and hygiene. Read the prescription here!

  • Fast and intense orgasm

    Place the Celebrator on your electric toothbrush and off you go: having an orgasm is easier than ever before.


    Sexologists advise

    The Celebrator is recommended by the majority of medical sexologists who have difficulty achieving an orgasm.

    Easy to use

    This unique vibrator / stimulator is used externally in the main female ‘pleasure zones’ around the clitoris.


    Unique massaging vibrations

    The Celebrator creates unique vibrating movement at rhythmic speeds which ensures an intense orgasm.


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    Meer reviews

    I use some pretty intense vibrators (Hitachi & The Wahl Body Massager) so I wasn’t expecting much from this thing. However, I bought it and I tried it out and it was INTENSE. I was blown away. I would really say: try this!

    In my opinion, this is the best vibrator on the market. It gives me the fastest, most intense orgasms I’ve ever had and never lets me down. This is my 3rd because I have been using this product for years and nothing else comes close.

    The best thing ever bought. My husband calls it my other husband, and sometimes I joke that I don’t even need him, I would be happy with just my toy. Ladies … it’s worth it.

    Use it to masturbate. It works fine! Multiple orgasms! Very quiet, no one in the house even knew what I was doing. Or at least I haven’t heard from it haha!

    I wish I could rate this higher although I wish it had a 3rd speed that was slower. Still, I keep one as a backup in case the original breaks.

    About orgasms

    May I tell you why the Celebrator makes every woman have an orgasm?

    On average, 33% of the women find difficulty getting an orgasm.. With a partner involved, this percentage increases to 50%! If you find difficulty as well: you are not alone!

    How is this possible? In some cases, stress could be the cause. Or you are not able to relax, to let go or take time for yourself. . Or we put ourselves aside to take care of others. Unfortunately, this also has an effect on sex life … a negative one! We thought that something should be done about it! Research shows that 82% of the ladies who have trouble having an orgasm had no trouble using the Celebrator. 79% of the women told us that they liked the low-key and casual nature of the Celebrator, where other sex articles sometimes miss the mark by appearing rather overwhelming or “porn-like” at times.In short, the Celebrator is fun, subtle, tasteful, tasty.

    In addition, the Celebrator is a very diverse product. For example, the Celebrator helps women who have trouble having an orgasm, including women with MS and women with spasms. For this reason, the Celebrator is also recommended by more than half of the medical sexologists in the Netherlands!