Celebrator – Glow in the dark!

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The Celebrator, Glow In The Dark! With this illuminated edition of the Celebrator you will experience sexy adventures in the dark.

  • Recommended by doctors and sexologists.
  • Unique massaging vibrations.
  • Easy orgasms
  • Shipped quickly and discreetly
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About the Celebrator

The Celebrator is used externally to stimulate the main female “pleasure zones” around the clitoris. Because of the shape of the Celebrator, each side has a different effect. So if you prefer this, you can also use the Celebrator when you wear a brief; you will feel the vibrations less intensely. Listen carefully to your body and discover how the Celebrator works best for you!

  • The Celebrator tip can be used multiple times.

    Wash the attachment with water and an antibacterial soap, followed by an alcohol-based hand cleaner. When using the Celebrator with a partner, you should be aware that safe sex practices still apply.

  • Safety and hygiene

    The Celebrator is safe if you follow the rules of use and hygiene. Read prescription!

  • The Motor Drive

    Not in possession of an electric toothbrush or start immediately? Order the Motor Driver! This matching device lets you experience orgasms in no time, like never before. It is 100% waterproof, super quiet and works in two different modes. Your ‘me-time’ is even more fun!  View product

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